Nazarene Missions International


At Promised Land Church we have monthly mission updates to let you know what is happening around the globe at other Nazarene locations.

Missionary books are available for check out.  Our goal is for everyone to read two books this year.  For more information about the books this year, click here.  Want to listen online?  Click here.

For more information, contact Peggy at  

Crisis Care Kits

Crisis Care Kits (CCKs) are a cooperative effort between the local Nazarene Church and the Nazarene Disaster Response group to respond to national and global disasters. 

Each kit contains the following items:


Shopping List

  • 1 Shampoo (12 to 18 oz.)
  • 2 Bars of Soap (Bath size or larger)
  • 1 T oothpaste (4.0 to 6.4 oz.)
  • 3 Toothbrushes (in original packaging)
  • 1 Box of Bandaids (30 or more)
  • 1 Fingernail clipper
  • 1 Sturdy hair comb
  • 2 Hand towels
  • 4 Pocket-sized pkgs. Kleenex
  • 1 Beanie Baby-sized stuffed toy

Each Crisis Care Kit (CCK) should contain only the items/quantities listed. Donations can be placed in the blue bin under the bulletin board near the water fountain in the hall.  We will be assembling the kits sometime in September.  If you are interested in helping with assembling, please contact Peggy. 

The kits have gone to places like Belize, California, Dominican Republic, Greensburg, KS, Haiti, Jamaica, Jordon, Louisiana, Philippines, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, and Zambia. These kits are put together for people who have lost their home to natural disaster (flood / fire / hurricane / tornado / tsunami / etc.) and need basic hygiene items.  It is a way to touch people with the love of Christ in a practical way when they need a ray of hope.

Local churches are challenged to donate enough kits to fill at least one banana box (six CCKs per banana box). Our CCK emphasis is during the month March and August; however, items for the kits may be received year-round and people are encouraged to provide kits when disasters occur around the world so quantities will be sufficient.  

Alabaster Offering

The Alabaster Offering provides funds for property and buildings around the world.  Money is usually saved throughout the year in a "Alabaster box" and the box helps to remind you to pray for the individuals who will benefit from the funds.  (Our offering for 2020 will collected throughout the month of September)

The building pictured on the left is the Africa - Northeast District -

Giyani Church